Super Easy DIY Envelope Pillow Covers




Over the winter we bought the world’s comfiest living room furniture set.  The cushions are super deep and so soft.  So soft and comfy that the line is actually called “Cloud.”  I think the name says it all.

We were super super brave & bought 2 bright white beautiful chairs.  The chairs each came with 2 matching white pillows, so we mixed and matched the blue and white pillows on all the furniture.  The only problem was that we were so afraid to use the white pillows!  Well, mostly I was afraid. I was worried about smearing my make up on the beautiful fabric, or spilling food, or just doing ANYTHING to them to make them dirty.  So I decided for practicality purposes I needed to put another cover on these pillows so they’re actually usable.

Our (semi) New & Improved Half-Bath!

Having a lot of bathrooms in a house is both a blessing & a curse in itself.  The more bathrooms you have, the more convenient it is, especially for guests.  However, cleaning all of those bathrooms is a HUGE pain!

Anyways, I love having a half bathroom on our main level for guests to use.  But, just like all of the other rooms in our house, we did not like the design that the bathroom had when we bought the house.  The color was wrong (and the paint job was terrible), and I really wanted to have an actual vanity and not a pedestal sink (I wanted some storage!).

photo (9)

When we first bought our house my husband & I agreed upon this compromise: I could design this half bathroom & the guest bathroom (that is upstairs) however I wanted, and he got to design our master bathroom.

I was really excited about this compromise, and naturally I decided to go with a bold paint color.  And naturally, my husband hated it.  He complained everyday about the color!  He tried to insult it by referring to it as a “90’s color,” but I considered that a compliment since I loved the 90’s!  Really, he just thought the color was too dark and wanted something to brighten up the area.

The color I had decided to change it to was Wipeout by Behr.  I loved how the color contrasted against our dark wood floors & the white trim.  Even though it has an ADORABLE porthole window (one of my absolute favorite features in our home), my husband thought that this color was really just too dark and depressing.