DIY Floor Seat/Ottoman


So I’ve been eyeing these floor seats at various stores for some time now: the only problem was that they are so expensive to buy!  I liked the idea of having extra seating for when we have a lot of people over, and they also double as an ottoman.  Plus, they are ADORABLE. I decided to just go ahead and attempt to make my own, and although it isn’t perfect, I’m pretty impressed with how it turned out!

I used the same size measurements as the ones I saw on West Elm.  The top and bottom pieces were 24×24 and the four sides were 24×12.

I had lots of fun shopping for fabric!  I dragged my husband to the fabric store so that he had an input on the fabric decision: I didn’t want to pick out something I loved and come home and find out that he hated it!  I’m pretty sure he actually enjoyed fabric shopping because he picked out the fabric he wants on his new office chairs!

When I cut the pieces I allowed a 1/2 inch sewing seam, so my top and bottom pieces actually measured 25×25 and my four sides measured 25×13.


Here is the bottom and the four sides laid out, with the good side of the fabric face down.  I sewed each piece to the bottom first, but I left a 1/2 inch space on each end to make room to sew the corners.  After I had attached the four sides my fabric looked like a big plus sign.