Our Living Room Transformation

Living Room

Our living room transformation has been in the process for a long time.  Before we even moved into our home last September we had painted all the walls and changed all the flooring (admittedly, we did not install the new carpet ourselves).  Our beautiful light gray wall color in this room is Manhattan Mist by Behrand we used this color in a lot of the rooms on our first floor.  Our carpet is a really dark grey, but for some reason it has a green hue in certain lighting.

Anyways, I am so happy with how this room turned out!  We bought a new sofa and chairs this past winter and they are SO COMFORTABLE.  We eat most of our meals on the sofa because it’s just so darn comfy.  We bought and hung new blinds, and started decorating!

The old window frame above our fireplace mantle came from Chartreuse & Company in Frederick, MD.  They are open once a month and sell the most adorable vintage & antique goods.  A lot of items in our house came from there!  Here’s their Facebook page where you can find their calendar (they also have a blog).

The yellow crock on the floor by our fireplace came from Target, on clearance! I had been eyeing that for a while and I scooped it up as soon as it went on sale!  The off-white crock is a real antique given to us by my dad.  I have a small obsession with water fowl (I have a lot of swan decoys around the house), and these charming decoys belonged to one of my uncles.

Our coffee table was upcycled from an old dining table one of our neighbors threw away.  That was a long process in itself!  The white trays on top came from CB2, found here.  Also from CB2 are the floor lamp (here) and the white table lamp (here).  The table lamp I have had for a LONG time & I still love it dearly.  The floor lamp was a gift for our wedding!

I made the floor ottomans & the chevron throw pillow covers (if interested, those posts can be found in my July archives!).

The little yellow side table came from Target and I painted it yellow.  If you like the style of the table, here it is!

The last part of the process was creating the small print gallery above the couch.  It took me a really long time to figure out what kind of artwork I wanted to hang there (just too many options!).  Finally I remembered that inside my super nerdy collector’s addition of  The Tales of Beedle the Bard (children stories from Harry Potter), there were a set of prints.  Well, I took those prints to the closest Michaels, found some clearance frames that I could use, and got those suckers hung up!  To be honest, I might end up taking down my gallery in the future and hanging it somewhere else in the house (but then I would be back to square one in terms of couch artwork).

Thanks for reading 🙂


Our (semi) New & Improved Half-Bath!

Having a lot of bathrooms in a house is both a blessing & a curse in itself.  The more bathrooms you have, the more convenient it is, especially for guests.  However, cleaning all of those bathrooms is a HUGE pain!

Anyways, I love having a half bathroom on our main level for guests to use.  But, just like all of the other rooms in our house, we did not like the design that the bathroom had when we bought the house.  The color was wrong (and the paint job was terrible), and I really wanted to have an actual vanity and not a pedestal sink (I wanted some storage!).

photo (9)

When we first bought our house my husband & I agreed upon this compromise: I could design this half bathroom & the guest bathroom (that is upstairs) however I wanted, and he got to design our master bathroom.

I was really excited about this compromise, and naturally I decided to go with a bold paint color.  And naturally, my husband hated it.  He complained everyday about the color!  He tried to insult it by referring to it as a “90’s color,” but I considered that a compliment since I loved the 90’s!  Really, he just thought the color was too dark and wanted something to brighten up the area.

The color I had decided to change it to was Wipeout by Behr.  I loved how the color contrasted against our dark wood floors & the white trim.  Even though it has an ADORABLE porthole window (one of my absolute favorite features in our home), my husband thought that this color was really just too dark and depressing.