Our Built-in Closet

When we moved into our new home we had to make a lot of design decisions (and we still have a lot more to make). One thing we decided was that we didn’t want to put a dresser in our bedroom-we wanted to put a little seating area instead. That meant that our closet was going to have to be extremely organized with lots of storage areas to fit everything we had. It took us a while to get this project started, so in the meantime our closet was a complete DISASTER. I’m a little embarrassed to share these before pictures with you all!


As you can see, everything was still in suitcases, boxes, bags, whatever was available. It looked awful, made it impossible to find specific things, and was embarrassing!!!

We made our plan for the layout, and all of the materials for the closet came from Home Depot.  We knew we needed drawers, shelves, lots of hanging space, and OF COURSE space for shoes & bags!

First we had to clear everything out and remove all the existing shelves.  My husband moved the light switch from inside the closet to the outside (isn’t he amazing!!).  He also took off the existing base molding and painted a white semi gloss 3/4 of the way up the walls so it would match the color of our built-ins.

After assembling some of the pieces in the living room, it was time to start the installation!

Since we have two toddlers at home we really wanted to ensure that all the pieces were sturdy and installed correctly.  We used brackets to make sure none of the pieces would move or tip over.


Once we had all the pieces installed we had to go around and caulk, add trim where needed, and put the baseboard back on.  As you can see there were some pretty big gaps between the pieces in some areas.


We used Power Grab glue to glue down the trim.  Here are some pictures of the trim:

This closet is officially FINISHED now and it is everything I dreamed about!  It has a space for everything we need and keeps everything organized.  Plus it’s a lot brighter in there since we went with white!!


Our Brand New Home!


I used to post so many fun posts on this blog about the projects my husband and I had done.  If you look at the dates of my last few posts you’ll see they were few and VERY far between.  In the last few years we moved into one of our rental properties and had two beautiful little girls!! We did a few projects in the townhouse, but we knew that we weren’t going to be there very long-and let’s face it-it’s not easy to find a lot of free time with a one and two year old around.

My husband and I had been searching for two years for a new, permanent home, and we just couldn’t find anything that really spoke to us.  That is, until we toured the model of our new neighborhood and fell in love!  We moved in a few months ago and are so very excited to settle in and start completing more projects.

Some of our first projects include planting trees, adding in some more color to our landscaping, doing a built-in organization system in our master closet, and maybe something fun to our fireplace mantle!

I can’t wait to share more pictures with you!

New & Very Much Improved Table

A few months ago my husband and I decided we wanted a new dining table.  After looking around online we fell in love with a dining table from Restoration Hardware (I mean, who doesn’t love RH?).  However we did NOT love the price tag.  So we decided to make our own, and we are super happy with the results!

Our old dining table was a Craigslist purchase, and we fixed it up and painted it a blue-ish grey.  We loved the color and the shape of the table, but it slightly sagged in the middle and we were constantly worried that the paint was going to get messed up and our table would look horrible (it’s not fun to have to sand down multiple layers of paint & primer and re-do everything).


Our old dining table

Our new dining table measures 106″ long,  43″ wide, and 30″ tall.  We wanted to have something that could accommodate a large number of people, and we think we achieved that!  For the color we wanted something that looked like a “farm table,” which proved to be pretty hard since Douglass Fir is a pretty red wood.  To achieve this color we stained this table with 2 layers of pre-stain, 2 layers of Weathered Grey (with poly), and 2 layers of Kona (with poly).

I’m going to post some more of our finished pictures below, but please keep reading on the next page to find out how we made this gorgeous table!

Master Bathroom Makeover


Well, first of all, it has been a LONG time since I made a post about projects we’ve been doing around the house!  Time really got away from us for a few months-I guess that’s what happens when you’re both working full time, going to school, and one of you is pregnant!  Morning sickness is REAL and really hindered any motivation I had to do things around the house for a while.

But anyways, about a month and a half ago we finally got our acts together and started renovating our master bathroom.  It took us a while to finish this project-but I think the outcome is BEAUTIFUL and it’s a space I love being in now.

These are just a couple of pictures I quickly took of the space a few years ago when we purchased the home:

What these pictures don’t show you is that the cute separate vanity area was CARPETED-which kind of defeats the purpose.  I refused to use that area once we replaced the carpet because I didn’t want to ruin our new carpet with my makeup (I use mineral makeup & it always gets everywhere).  The vanity area was also separate from the bathroom with a door between them.  When we purchased the home we painted the vanity area the same color as our bedroom since it was really part of that space.  We didn’t paint the actual bathroom until recently because we weren’t sure what we were going to do with the room.

As you can see, the vanity area was right by our bedroom in that little nook.  It’s a nice space with a large mirror, but the light fixture was outdated & ugh-carpet.

We decided to tear down the wall between the vanity space & the bathroom to create one large master bathroom.  We also wanted to move the door to the bathroom to the other side of the vanity so that the entire space was closed off from our bedroom.

Here are some before/during pictures of the bathroom progress:

When the wall was torn down we immediately LOVED the effect.  The room felt so open and wonderful.  The next steps involved moving around some electrical wires (to relocate the light switch), then the rest of the DEMO.  We removed the toilet, tore up all the tiles from the floor and baseboard, took down all the towel hooks and other accessories, and removed all the light fixtures and faucets.  Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of pictures of these steps because my husband and his dad did pretty much all this work!  Being pregnant meant that I was banned from the bathroom for much of this process.

Our FINISHED product!

We used the same tile and paint color that we used in our guest bathroom.  The paint color was Tide Pools by Behr.  We really loved the calming effect this color gave to our guest bathroom so we decided to use it again.  I’m pretty sure my husband wants to put it in every bathroom we’ll ever have!  For the floor we used ceramic tiles that looked like hardwood.  I love how it gives an element of nature to the space.

We used the Kohler Alteo collection for our sink faucets and accessories (towel bars and toilet paper holder).  My favorite part of the toilet paper holder is how it opens up!  Makes it SO EASY to change the roll when it’s empty.

Of course, my super talented husband made some mirror frames for this space as well.  The frames really make the mirrors pop and stand out against the walls.  We also replaced the light fixtures with these from Home Depot.

Seriously, we were at Home Depot SO MANY TIMES during this renovation.  I considered asking for our own special parking space!

If you would like to read the process for replacing the tile floors, creating the mirror frames, please read my post about our Guest Bathroom!  It contains all of the directions for what we did.

From Garbage to Gorgeous


I don’t know if I ever pictured myself as someone who found so much happiness in gaining other people’s trash, but here we are.  We absolutely love this table, and the BEST part is that it was made out of a dining table that one of our neighbors threw away!

We had been planning on building a custom coffee table for a while now because we were being pretty picky about what we wanted.  So it was pretty perfect when we discovered this dining table just waiting for us to rescue it and convert it into our beautiful coffee table!  The dining table was 3.5 ft by 5 ft, and while that is a really large table for a coffee table, it fits our space perfectly.

This process was not as easy as it might look: it involved a lot of steps, but we couldn’t be happier with the end result.  This was mainly a project my husband worked on, but I’m going to do my best to go through the process!

Our Adorable Yellow Side Table

Yellow Table

So this table isn’t vintage or antique, and it doesn’t necessarily have a cool background story.  It’s a side table from Target that I bought when I lived in my old home to use as a nightstand in my guest bedroom.

Since there wasn’t anything wrong with the table I decided to use it as a side table in our living room.  It was kind of perfect because we only really had space for one side table due to the way we laid out our furniture.

I REALLY love this table now that it’s a cheerful yellow.  It’s the same yellow we used on our dining room chairs (Twenty Carat by Behr), and I just think it brings a certain element of happiness to our room!

Updating this table was really easy:

1. I cleaned the table using TSP cleaner to remove any grease and dirt.
2. I sanded the table to ensure that the primer would stick to it. I had to be careful when sanding because this table is mostly veneer, so I didn’t want to mess that up because it could have ruined the look of the table.
3. I cleaned all of the dust off of the table. I first used a wet rag and then a dry rag to wipe it down.
4. I dissembled the drawer and put all of the hardware aside.
5. I primed the table and the face & sides of the door using Behr Stain Blocking Primer. This was the first time we’ve used this primer and we really liked it! You can find it here.
6.  After the primer dried I gave it a coat of yellow paint.  You want to make sure not to spray/paint so much paint at once that it builds up, so multiple coats of primer or paint may be necessary to get the perfect finish!
7. After a few days of letting the paint cure I added poly to the top of the table and to the shelf.  I gave them 3 coats of poly.  In between each coat I lightly sanded those areas to make sure that the poly would stick.
8. After letting the poly cure for 2 days it was ready to bring upstairs!

Our finished end table means we’re one step closer to finishing our living room!


Our Bachelor Table Turned Chic

One of the very few pieces of furniture we brought with us to this house was the breakfast table my husband bought while living at his previous residence.  It was a PERFECT bachelor table: dark wood with black leather seats.  However, it wasn’t exactly what I pictured in our home.  But, it worked out because he was very happy with the idea of changing it!

The picture show in the “before” image is one from the internet-we didn’t take a picture of the table while it was at his condo, and we didn’t put the table together in the new house until we had already painted it & reupholstered the seats.  The only picture we have of it from his condo is one the photographer took to showcase the area around the table when it was listed on the market (as seen below).



Of course, we felt the need to change EVERY aspect of the table.  We decided to change the fabric on the cushions and change the color of the table.  This was actually one of the first projects we did here, but it just took so long to get the finishing touches done!

I reupholstered the cushions using the same steps as I shared in a previous post about our dining rooms chairs (found here).  Again, especially with clean cushions, it’s possible to just staple your new fabric on top of the old fabric.  That saves so much time because you don’t have to remove all of the old staples.  However, since these seats had piping we had to take the old fabric off.  This was a much cleaner process than it was with our dining chair cushions!

We had originally covered all four cushions in the circular print, however, once we brought the chevron fabric for our dining chairs we couldn’t decide with fabric to use on the breakfast table.  We liked the circular pattern because it added a little bit of color, but we also liked the idea of having the matching cushions in both the dining room & breakfast nook.  I changed the fabric to chevron on two of the cushions for comparison, and we just decided to keep both of them!


Our Kitchen Cabinet Transformation


My husband and I bought a house this past July.  It was one of those situations where as soon as we pulled into the neighborhood we KNEW (well, at least I knew) that this was definitely the house for us.  The neighborhood was full of Victorian styled homes, and the house itself was full of character.  I fell so completely in love as soon as we walked through the front door.



That being said, the house needed A LOT of work.  The walls were full of dents and holes, and the paint job was pretty terrible (paint & stains on the ceilings, uneven paint lines, paint all over the trim, and multiple stickers & pieces of painter’s tape had been left on the walls in many rooms and the old owners had just painted over them).

The kitchen was a space in the house that we just didn’t like any part of it.  We didn’t like the color on the walls, the window treatments, the color of the granite counters, and we especially did not like how the cabinet color and the floor color was essentially the same.  It just wasn’t our style at all.

We soon decided that tackling this kitchen was going to be a top priority once we moved in.  We decided to have the wooden floors refinished, repaint the walls, and to paint the cabinets white (in hope that once we made all of those changes we would grow to love our counter tops).

We researched how to paint to paint cabinets online, and we also called a lot of different paint stores to hear opinions and advice.