Our Guest Bath Reno


Guest Bathroom Before & After

ATTENTION ALL WHO ACTUALLY READ THIS BLOG:  Let me start of by sharing with you the biggest lesson learned from this reno: Different plumbing fixture brands each have their own type of shower valve in the wall behind the shower, and each brand will only work with their own shower valve.  So, if you currently have a Moen shower wall faucet and plan to install say, a Kohler wall faucet, you will have to replace the valve in the wall. We learned this the HARD way and it cost us a lot of time!!

Okay, that being said, this project was actually a lot of fun and I learned a lot through the process!  We had originally not planned on renovating this space until later this fall, but during the summer I took two graduate courses, and one of my professors let us choose literally anything to do for our project as long as we fulfilled the learning requirements. Hellooooo new bathroom.

The space feels so completely different and it’s just so nice to go into this bathroom and actually enjoy how it looks!

Here are some of the pictures of what it looked like when we bought the house last year:

As you can see it was full of white boring-ness (and it was also pretty gross. The white grout lines were not very white anymore).  It was definitely time for some upgrades! In a nutshell we replaced the old tile with a beautiful new ceramic tile floor, added a frame around the mirror, spray painted the light fixture, replaced all the faucets, and added that beautiful piece of moulding by the shower to hang a towel or robe.  (And of course we painted the entire space: ceiling, walls, and trim).

Keep reading if you’re interested in how we made these changes 🙂

DIY Dining Room Art



First of all, we are OBSESSED with this artwork that we made.  We saw some ideas on Pinterest that were similar to this, and we decided it was a great way to fill up the huge wall space in our dining room.  It gave us another opportunity to give our wall space some color, and it let me show off some awesome stripe painting skills!

Secondly, it was incredibly easy to make this.  We started off with 3 pieces of MDF wood we bought from Home Depot.  We decided to use MDF because it was light and was a lot cheaper than buying “real” wood.

When we got it home my husband built a frame onto the back of each piece to hang them on the wall (otherwise we would have had to screw each piece into the wall from each corner, and we didn’t like how we envisioned that).  Once the frames were glued into place (we used wood glue.  That was a lot easier than nailing it or screwing it) we primed the pieces with latex stain blocking primer.  Once that was dry we gave them a good coating of white semi-gloss paint that we had in our paint collection from previous projects.


We spaced our canvasses out evenly by placing a piece of wood in between each piece.  Now it was on to the most tedious part of this project: drawing the stripes onto the boards.  My husband helped a lot with this project: he’s definitely way more into math and numbers than I am!