When I purchased my first house in 2010 I discovered that I LOVED decorating and design.  I began to spend a lot of my free time watching HGTV and getting ideas that I could do to my own house.  Around the same time I also discovered Pinterest.   Conveniently, there was a Home Depot located across the street from my house and I began going there a lot.  I learned how to paint (without using painter’s tape), how to hang pictures, and I also began experimenting with painting furniture.

My husband and I purchased our first home together in July 2013 and it has been fabulous!  My husband is also very handy and loves design, and thankfully we both have the same design taste!  We have been spending a lot of weekends working on our home and experimenting with new projects.

I decided to start this blog to showcase our work for friends and family, and anyone that runs across it & finds it inspirational and informational!

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  1. Your husband is in my class on Thursday. He mentioned your blog and I checked it out. Very nice. You guys have great taste and lots of talent. Thanks for sharing.


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