Our Brand New Home!


I used to post so many fun posts on this blog about the projects my husband and I had done.  If you look at the dates of my last few posts you’ll see they were few and VERY far between.  In the last few years we moved into one of our rental properties and had two beautiful little girls!! We did a few projects in the townhouse, but we knew that we weren’t going to be there very long-and let’s face it-it’s not easy to find a lot of free time with a one and two year old around.

My husband and I had been searching for two years for a new, permanent home, and we just couldn’t find anything that really spoke to us.  That is, until we toured the model of our new neighborhood and fell in love!  We moved in a few months ago and are so very excited to settle in and start completing more projects.

Some of our first projects include planting trees, adding in some more color to our landscaping, doing a built-in organization system in our master closet, and maybe something fun to our fireplace mantle!

I can’t wait to share more pictures with you!

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