Our Guest Bath Reno

Okay, we did A LOT of projects in this room so I’m going to do my best to split them up into sections!

The paint color we used in the bathroom was Tide Pools by BehrWe also used a white semi gloss paint and freshened up all the trim in the bathroom.  We also replaced all of the fixtures in the bathroom, most of them came from the Kohler Alteo collection.  The only fixtures that aren’t part of this collection are our shower head and shower/tub faucets.  That’s a long story.

I’ll start with the easiest: my “good day” print hanging above the toilet.  I was watching a marathon of “Fixer Upper” on HGTV one day over the summer and they created this metal sign that said “It’s a good day to have a good day.” Well, I just thought that was absolutely fabulous & needed to have that quote in my home!

The “Good Day” Print:


I made this print in Microsoft Word (maybe took me 20-30 minutes to get everything how I wanted it), and I took it to Staples to get it printed out.  It literally cost me 10 cents to print this since it’s in black & white.  There’s a Michael’s store right next to the Staples, so after I had my print I went over and bought a frame that was 50% off (I think it cost me $15).  Took both the print & frame home, put them together, and I used 3M Velcro strips to hang it on the wall (I try to avoid putting holes in the wall whenever possible).

If you like the print & want a copy, here’s the pdf file:  good day print

Spray Painted Mason Jars:

This was one of the easier projects for the bathroom.  Of course I’ve jumped on the current mason jar trend, but I can happily say that our home is not yet overrun with mason jars.  I thought they would be a cute accessory for the guest bath, but I wanted to spice them up a little bit.

I used painters tape to wrap around the jars where I wanted to spray paint them.  I also used a plastic bag and taped that down to cover the part of the jar that I wanted to stay clear.  After that they were ready to be sprayed! I used flat black spray paint from Home Depot.  I let them dry for a few minutes after spraying them and then I removed the painter’s tape.  I love how they turned out!

Light Fixture:

Before we started this renovation I really hated the light fixture. It was so big and chrome. Well, I started researching new light fixtures and I really just didn’t want to spend the money (we were already spending a lot of money on the tiles and the new fixtures).  So, our solution was just to spray paint the current one.  I used the same flat black spray paint that I used on the mason jars.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but really it turned out perfect!

Before I painted I had to scrap off all of the old paint that the old owners had managed to get on the chrome.  After I scraped off the paint I quickly sanded the entire fixture and cleaned it.  I was really impressed with how smooth and perfect the spray paint turned out.  I think the light fixture actually looks really nice now!  It also helps that we replaced all of the blue light bulbs with nice clear ones.

Robe Hook Moulding Project: 

This was another project that we hadn’t originally planned on completing.  Originally we had planned on putting a diamond shaped piece of wood there that matched the color of our mirror frame, but when we made the diamond and put it on the wall it just looked bad.  So, we removed it and started fresh.

For this project we bought outdoor moulding from Home Depot because it’s anti mold and mildew, which is perfect for going in a bathroom next to the shower! After we measured and cut the moulding we glued it to the wall using Power Grab glue (you use a caulk gun to apply it).

After it was glued down we applied caulk to the inside of the frame.  You can see in the first picture that I also added painter’s tape to the outside of the frame: that was to make sure I didn’t get paint on the wall, but it’s also there to make sure my caulk lines were nice and clean and crisp!

After the caulk on the inside of the frame dried (make sure to read drying times on the caulk you used), I painted it! I used the white semi gloss paint that we’ve been using on all the trim in the house.  It took a few coats of paint to make it look nice and bright white, but I think it was worth it! Once the paint dried I added caulking to the outside of the frame and removed the tape.

I really love how this turned out.  I didn’t want this robe hook to look awkward on the wall, and I think that this frame really gives it a bit of fanciness.

Mirror Frame: 

Adding a frame to the mirror really was a small project but it changed greatly changed how the entire space looked.  We took the measurements for the frame and also took measurements where each mirror clip was located.

We used pine wood for our frame.  We cut each piece of wood to the length needed (and we used a miter saw to make the angled cuts), and we also used a table saw to make the part of the frame touching the mirror thinner than the rest, so that the frame would sit nicely against the mirror and also the wall. You can see this in the pictures above.

We then used a large drill bit to make the notches in the frame where the mirror clips were located.  After we did all of this we took all 4 pieces into the bathroom and did a dry fit to make sure that everything fit together nicely.

Once everything fit correctly we used wood glue to assemble the frame.  We also used a staple gun to staple the inside of each corner for extra support.

Staining this frame was interesting: we wanted it to have a natural pine look, but we knew if we put poly directly on the pine wood that it would turn orange.  So, we did some research and discovered there is a pre-stain that you can use to prevent this from happening (it also prevents blotchiness).

We put the pre-stain on the frame and let it dry, and then we did a very light layer of white wash (our mixture was more water than white paint).  We actually used the white wash on both the front and back of the frame in case you could see the reflection of the back of the frame in the mirror.

Once the paint was dry we gave the frame a few coats of poly for protection.  And we used the Power Grab glue to attach it to the mirror! The glue held the frame up in around 10 seconds.

And it looks wonderful!

Tile Flooring & Baseboards:

The floor "before"

The floor “before”

Our bathroom had tile flooring before, but we just weren’t fans of the small white tile.  We also wanted to have a chunky wood baseboard instead of the tile baseboard.  Here’s our process:

First we had to demo the entire floor.  We used a saw with a diamond tipped blade to cut lines in the tile so we could use hammers and crow bars to remove the tile.  This part was very loud and very dusty.


Once we had removed all of the old tile we cleaned up the entire floor.  There was so much dust! Once we had our floor clean and clear we had to put down a new concrete floor as our underlayment.  We bought the concrete sheets from Home Depot, measured how to cut each piece, and laid them down.  We used a special tape to tape together the pieces of concrete.


Next it was time to lay the tiles!  We fell totally in love with these ceramic tiles that look like hardwood, and they were a really great price, too!  Cutting the tiles was the hardest part of our flooring process.  We discovered that all of our walls in the bathroom were crooked, so if we laid the tiles horizontal or vertical the crooked walls would be extremely noticeable.  Our solution to the crooked walls was to lay the tiles diagonally.  This of course made the job a lot harder!

We used a wet saw to make all the cuts for the tiles.  At first we were being very careful making all of our cuts in terms of the angles, but eventually my husband just free handed the angles.  The hardest part of this was cutting the tile to fit around the area of the toilet.  So many cuts!  Here’s what the floor was starting to look like:


If you’re wondering where our toilet was during this renovation, here you go:


We actually dry fit all of the tiles in the bathroom before laying down any mortar.  After we were sure that everything fit nicely we laid down mortar in one section at a time and laid down the tiles.  It’s important to remember to press down the tiles after laying them on the mortar to ensure evenness.

After we had the tile laid down over the entire floor we let the mortar set overnight.  The next day it was time to grout!  We used a bright white grout mix from Home Depot (obvi our fav place to shop).  We mixed the grout according to the directions on the box.  We grouted a section at a time, making sure to clean up excess grout as we went along.  We followed the directions on the box for drying times as well.  We had to wipe down the floor SEVERAL times before all of grout film completely came off of the floor.


FINALLY it was time for the baseboards! We measured for our baseboards and actually ordered them online from Home Depot.  We used the miter saw to make the angled cuts, and I pre-painted them while they were still in our basement.  Then we took them upstairs and we used a nail gun to attach them to our wall.

After attaching them to the wall we filled in all of the nail holes.  I did some touch up painting in areas where it needed it, and once the paint was dry it was time to caulk!  We were really nervous about being messy with the caulk and messing up our new tile floors!  So, my husband (the genius) put painter’s tape down to ensure clean lines, and it totally worked!

We had a few other areas where we had to caulk (like around the vanity and new plumbing fixtures in the shower), but the bathroom is pretty much complete!  It’s a total transformation and we are so happy with the results!

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    • A co worker sends me a picture of something from instagram she wants for her house, it was your print about in this kitchen we dance! I was like WHOA, I know her (Well, kind of)! She didn’t realize you had a whole blog and I sent her the info 🙂


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