Our Laundry Room: An Unexpected Journey

Laundry Room

My husband and I unexpectedly decided to renovate our laundry room while we were also renovating our guest bathroom that is located on the other side of the laundry room wall.  While we were renovating the bathroom we cut a big hole in the wall so that we could see the pipes behind the shower, and well, since our laundry space had a big hole in the wall and the machines were removed we thought we would just go for it!

We are so happy with how the space turned out.  I am especially happy because now doing laundry will be such a happier chore!

Here are some more of the before pictures:

Our house is ten years old, and while we cleaned it thoroughly when we bought it last summer, I did not think to move the dryer out of the room and clean under it. That was a big mistake: YUCK!

The finished product:

9 thoughts on “Our Laundry Room: An Unexpected Journey

  1. I looove this! You seriously need to come over to my house and help a sister out! How has school been thus far!? P.S. I REALLY think your blog is awesome! You and your hubs do an amazing job with that house! Have you ever thought about doing more with your blog? Like branching out and adding an actual Facebook page, sponsoring, ect.. to bring more blog traffic? I think your blog would blow up if you started!!!

    Hope you are well! Laundry room looks great!!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! You are so sweet. You know, I REALLY want to expand my blog and have more people access it, but it just makes me nervous thinking about it! But I think those are great ideas, and I’m going to put them on my goal list!

      How are you doing?? I am so excited for you & can’t wait to hear about everything you’re doing with your home & to getting ready to meet your baby! 🙂


      • I was totally nervous too, but I took the plunge! You will get it figured out!! Your blog is fantastic no matter what!!

        I’m doing great! I’m ready to “not” be pregnant anymore!!!! I’m in the home stretch, 33 more days till my due date!!! Omg….. It cannot come quicker!!!! I feel like I have been pregnant FOREVVVERRRR!!!!

        Anywho, the progress of your home is amazing!! Love watching all the renovations!!!! Can’t wait to see what comes next.


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