Our Refinished & Fabulous Buffet (& how we made our own chalk paint!)




This was a really fun project that turned out way to be way more time consuming than we originally planned for!  We bought this buffet for a really awesome price at a local antique store that’s open once a month.  If you’re ever in the Frederick area, you should definitely check it out!  It’s called Chartreuse and you can click here for their FB page.

Once we got it home and set it up in our dining room we decided to change some of the parts.  The handles were really rusted, and my husband didn’t like their shape (he wanted some “manlier”), so we replaced them with these from Home Depot.  The only issue was that even though our new handles were pretty large, you could see still some of the outline from the old handles, so we then decided to repaint the entire buffet.

We wanted to use chalk paint, but we refused to pay a lot of money to buy the popular chalk paint you see in stores.  So, we decided to try to make our own and it turned out perfect!

How we made our own chalk paint:

Materials required: a bucket, Plaster of Paris, flat interior paint (in the color you desire), water, and something to mix it with.


You’ll need 3 parts paint and 1 part Plaster of Paris (mixed with water) for your project.  I recommend first mixing the amount of plaster of paris you’ll be using with water until it’s completely smooth.

Once it’s smooth you can mix it with your flat paint (we used Stealth Jet by Behr).  I used a small bucket I bought from Home Depot to mix everything together.

When it’s completely mixed together you can go ahead and use it! I sealed mine overnight with a piece of plastic and a rubber band.  I wouldn’t make too much at once, try to make enough for your project and a little extra for touch ups, but I’m not sure how long it will stay good!

Anyways, when we were painting we also decided to replace the top of the buffet.  The original top had a huge crack down the center, making it uneven, and also one of the corners was completely smashed.  My husband used some pieces of MDF wood in the basement to create a new top.  We painted that white and here was our current progress on the buffet:

0510142224It looks pretty finished, right??

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