Our Updated Foyer (& a mini frame project)


Whenever I pictured my future dream house (i.e., the house I have now), I always pictured having a lot of wall space filled with beautiful artwork right when you walk in through the door.  Unfortunately for my art dream, our foyer is very open and has VERY little wall space.

It turns out that the lack of wall space was really a blessing because it meant there was less space to sand, repair nail pops, and paint!  We didn’t really *change* anything big about this space other than paint colors and decor.

We are so happy that we decided to paint the top of our stair banister black-it looks so classy and just adds another element to this space!

Our paint color is Anonymous by Behr.  We used this darker paint color in the foyer and all of the surrounding rooms are a lighter color.

Our light fixture is from Overstock.com & can be found here.

One project that I did complete for this space was making picture frames where I could change out the pictures without taking the frame off of the wall.  I came up with this idea from something I saw on Pinterest as well as a gift that I received from a good friend last year!


And, YES-that is Claudio Sanchez from Coheed & Cambria in those photos!  Words cannot describe how I feel about this band.  If my husband allowed me, I would decorate our ENTIRE house in posters and artwork I’ve collected from their shows over the years.

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