Building a Bench

Here’s how we did it!

For the top of the bench we used MDF wood (we already had some in our basement), and for the legs and support we used pine.

To figure out how tall and wide to make our bench we searched for benches on Google to determine an average height and width.  To determine length we measured our dining table and determined a good length.  My husband then drew up a design on his computer with all of the exact measurements.

1. Once we figured out the dimensions we marked those measurements onto the MDF board for the top of the bench.  Before we made any cuts we sanded the piece of wood.
2. We used a table saw to cut the length and a circular saw to cut the width and the corners for the top piece.
3. We used a table saw to cut the piece of wood for the legs into smaller pieces (length wise), and we used a miter saw to cut them into the exact right size.   To cut the legs we marked on the wood where the first cut should be for the first leg, and we used a stopper on the miter saw to make sure all the legs were exactly the same length (that way we didn’t have to keep measuring each individual piece of wood after the first leg was cut).
4.  We next attached the legs to the top board. We drilled holes from the top down into the legs to attach them.
5. Next was cutting the support beams!  We flipped our bench upside down so that the legs were pointing in the air,and we were able to measure how long to make the support beams.  We used a table saw to cut down the length of the board.  We then used a miter saw to cut the “v-shape” into the wood so that it would butt up perfectly against the legs. (There’s a picture of this shown below).  We purposefully cut the support beams a little bit long so that we could make any adjustments necessary to ensure a perfect fit.  If you cut your support beam too short you’ll have to cut an entirely new piece.
6. To attach the support beams we wedged them into place and used clamps to hold them into place.  We flipped the table around and drilled holes from the top down.  To make the legs more sturdy we also used screws to attach the support beams to the legs.
7. We sanded down all the wood to make sure it was nice and ready to paint and that none of the corners were too sharp.
**All the holes were countersunk, it’s important to make sure to use the right length screw for your project.

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