How to Easily Update a Chair

The first thing we did was to reupholster the cushions.  I had my husband remove the seats from the chair and I set up my “reupholstering station” on the living room floor.  I laid out my tools and got to work!

1. I removed the old fabric from the chair.  If you want to reupholster a cushion you don’t always have to remove the old fabric (you can just staple the new fabric on top), however, since the current fabric was smelly and stained, I chose to remove it. To do this I used a staple remover and a pair of pliers.  The staple remover was a life saver! I got mine from Amazon, here.
2. The next thing I did was measure out my new fabric and cut it into four squares.  When reupholstering cushions it’s important to also include enough fabric to cover the sides and also have enough fabric to staple onto the bottom of the seat.
3. After measuring I stapled my fabric onto the foam! I made sure to pull my fabric tightly as I stapled so that there wouldn’t be any bumps in the fabric once I was done.  I also made sure to tuck all of my corners the same way on each cushion.

I worked on the cushions in the evening after work, and after they were completed I decided it was time to repaint the chairs! We spent a lot of time deciding on the *right* color.  We ended up taking a yarn covered bottle from our wedding to Home Depot and matching the color of the yarn with a paint sample.

1. Once all of the chairs were in the basement we cleaned them with TSP cleaner. It’s important to make sure to wear gloves when using the TSP cleaner because it can hurt your skin.
2. We then sanded the chairs.  This part was really time consuming because of all of those little square cutouts!  Luckily, my husband helped a lot with this step.  When we were sanding we discovered that one of our chairs had a wobbly leg (part of the inside of the chair was broken).  We used Gorilla Glue to glue it into place and used clamps to apply pressure overnight.
3. After we finished sanding we cleaned the chairs again with a damp rag and then one more time with a dry rag (to make sure that all of the sand came off the chair before we primed them).
4. For this project we decided to use Kilz 2 Latex primer (it’s a stain blocking primer).   We added the primer to the paint gun, along with some water, mixed it together, and then it was time to paint!  I thought they already looked so much better after the primer.


After letting the primer dry overnight, the chairs were ready to paint with COLOR! The color was chose was Twenty Carat by Behr (at Home Depot).  It’s so sunny and cheerful and it will help bring some color to our dining room!  I gave the chairs 2 good coats of paint before declaring them finished.


I left the chairs in the basement for almost 2 days before bringing them upstairs to add the new cushions! We are so happy with how they turned out!


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