How to Easily Update a Chair

Dining Chairs1

Last summer when my husband and I decided to buy our house, we also made the decision to sell most of our furniture and buy new furniture that would fit the space of the new house.  That meant that once we moved in we basically had no furniture.  We went shopping a few times and bought some furniture, but we never fell in love with a dining room table and chairs.  But then we remembered Craigslist!  After about two days of looking online, we found a set that had a really cool shape and a good price!  We went and picked them up, brought them home, and then spent a lot of time pondering how we would update them for our space.

We loved the chairs.  The style of the chairs was perfect for us-but the wood was pretty beat up.  Also the cushions were in desperate need of an update.  The old fabric was badly stained, and also smelled A LOT.  All of the cushions had a clear plastic covering, but that covering was also covered in a layer of dirt!  But that was okay!  Updating these chairs was perhaps one of the easiest projects we’ve done in this home.

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