A POP of Color!

Here is the process I used to paint the coat rack:

1. I put the coat rack together (it was so easy!) & I lightly sanded it using a block of medium sandpaper.
2. I wiped it down with a damp rag then a dry rag to clean off any leftover dust.
3. I primed it using Kilz 2 primer (this is a different primer than we used for our kitchen cabinets. It’s latex instead of oil based, but it is still a stain blocking primer).  I added some water to the primer when mixing it for our paint sprayer.
4. I used Twenty Carat by Behr for our “pop” of yellow.  I added a small amount of water to the paint to make sure the paint didn’t clog the spray gun and that there weren’t any clumps of paint landing on our furniture.
5. I put the coat rack on a small, flat piece of wood while I was painting it to make sure it didn’t pick up any dust from our dirty floor.  Since it is pretty tall I had to stand on some paint cans to reach the top of the coat rack.
6. The coat rack needed two coats of paint to cover it efficiently.  This was the first time that I used the paint sprayer by myself, and I LOVED it! It was easy and a lot of fun to use.  After it dried for 24 hours I brought it upstairs and placed it in the foyer. It looks awesome!

The first picture is what our entrance way looked like when we bought the house.

If you like the light fixture that we changed in the foyer, you can get it here.


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