A POP of Color!

Design Blog

So, the majority of our house is gray.  In fact, every room in the house is grey with the exception of a half bathroom, the breakfast nook, and our master bedroom closets.  That being said, I LOVE the gray. It’s modern and contemporary while still being classic.  I do also love having brightly colored walls (in my old home I had a bright blue bedroom & a bright green closet), but I agreed to compromise with my husband and use bright colors as accents instead.

Our foyer is a dark gray (Anonymous by Behr), and it definitely needed something to brighten it up.  Originally we had thought of including a colored rug in the entrance way, but then we found a dark gray rug from Home Depot for $20 and we just couldn’t pass up that awesome deal (come on, we’re newly weds!).  There also isn’t a lot of wall space in the area to hang colored artwork or frames, so I decided to buy a coat rack & paint it a bright yellow (we already have some other yellow accents throughout the house leftover from our wedding).

The coat rack I bought was from Amazon, and it received pretty decent reviews.  Plus, it was a great price! You can see it here.

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