Our Updated Foyer (& a mini frame project)


Whenever I pictured my future dream house (i.e., the house I have now), I always pictured having a lot of wall space filled with beautiful artwork right when you walk in through the door.  Unfortunately for my art dream, our foyer is very open and has VERY little wall space.

It turns out that the lack of wall space was really a blessing because it meant there was less space to sand, repair nail pops, and paint!  We didn’t really *change* anything big about this space other than paint colors and decor.

We are so happy that we decided to paint the top of our stair banister black-it looks so classy and just adds another element to this space!

Our paint color is Anonymous by Behr.  We used this darker paint color in the foyer and all of the surrounding rooms are a lighter color.

Our light fixture is from Overstock.com & can be found here.

One project that I did complete for this space was making picture frames where I could change out the pictures without taking the frame off of the wall.  I came up with this idea from something I saw on Pinterest as well as a gift that I received from a good friend last year!


And, YES-that is Claudio Sanchez from Coheed & Cambria in those photos!  Words cannot describe how I feel about this band.  If my husband allowed me, I would decorate our ENTIRE house in posters and artwork I’ve collected from their shows over the years.

Building a Bench


We recently bought a dining room table and 4 chairs from Craigslist for our dining room.  Once we got it home we realized that 4 chairs was definitely not enough for this table: it’s huge!!!  So, we decided the best solution was to create a bench for one side of the table.  It would help fill the space and would let us seat a lot of people for dinner parties!

My husband claimed he was good at wood working and could easily make a bench.  I was only slightly skeptical…but, he pulled it off and our bench is AMAZING.

We decided that we wanted to design our bench to match our dining table.  Both the dining table & the bench have 45 degree chanfer corners.

Our Bachelor Table Turned Chic

One of the very few pieces of furniture we brought with us to this house was the breakfast table my husband bought while living at his previous residence.  It was a PERFECT bachelor table: dark wood with black leather seats.  However, it wasn’t exactly what I pictured in our home.  But, it worked out because he was very happy with the idea of changing it!

The picture show in the “before” image is one from the internet-we didn’t take a picture of the table while it was at his condo, and we didn’t put the table together in the new house until we had already painted it & reupholstered the seats.  The only picture we have of it from his condo is one the photographer took to showcase the area around the table when it was listed on the market (as seen below).



Of course, we felt the need to change EVERY aspect of the table.  We decided to change the fabric on the cushions and change the color of the table.  This was actually one of the first projects we did here, but it just took so long to get the finishing touches done!

I reupholstered the cushions using the same steps as I shared in a previous post about our dining rooms chairs (found here).  Again, especially with clean cushions, it’s possible to just staple your new fabric on top of the old fabric.  That saves so much time because you don’t have to remove all of the old staples.  However, since these seats had piping we had to take the old fabric off.  This was a much cleaner process than it was with our dining chair cushions!

We had originally covered all four cushions in the circular print, however, once we brought the chevron fabric for our dining chairs we couldn’t decide with fabric to use on the breakfast table.  We liked the circular pattern because it added a little bit of color, but we also liked the idea of having the matching cushions in both the dining room & breakfast nook.  I changed the fabric to chevron on two of the cushions for comparison, and we just decided to keep both of them!


How to Easily Update a Chair

Dining Chairs1

Last summer when my husband and I decided to buy our house, we also made the decision to sell most of our furniture and buy new furniture that would fit the space of the new house.  That meant that once we moved in we basically had no furniture.  We went shopping a few times and bought some furniture, but we never fell in love with a dining room table and chairs.  But then we remembered Craigslist!  After about two days of looking online, we found a set that had a really cool shape and a good price!  We went and picked them up, brought them home, and then spent a lot of time pondering how we would update them for our space.

We loved the chairs.  The style of the chairs was perfect for us-but the wood was pretty beat up.  Also the cushions were in desperate need of an update.  The old fabric was badly stained, and also smelled A LOT.  All of the cushions had a clear plastic covering, but that covering was also covered in a layer of dirt!  But that was okay!  Updating these chairs was perhaps one of the easiest projects we’ve done in this home.

Our (semi) New & Improved Half-Bath!

Having a lot of bathrooms in a house is both a blessing & a curse in itself.  The more bathrooms you have, the more convenient it is, especially for guests.  However, cleaning all of those bathrooms is a HUGE pain!

Anyways, I love having a half bathroom on our main level for guests to use.  But, just like all of the other rooms in our house, we did not like the design that the bathroom had when we bought the house.  The color was wrong (and the paint job was terrible), and I really wanted to have an actual vanity and not a pedestal sink (I wanted some storage!).

photo (9)

When we first bought our house my husband & I agreed upon this compromise: I could design this half bathroom & the guest bathroom (that is upstairs) however I wanted, and he got to design our master bathroom.

I was really excited about this compromise, and naturally I decided to go with a bold paint color.  And naturally, my husband hated it.  He complained everyday about the color!  He tried to insult it by referring to it as a “90’s color,” but I considered that a compliment since I loved the 90’s!  Really, he just thought the color was too dark and wanted something to brighten up the area.

The color I had decided to change it to was Wipeout by Behr.  I loved how the color contrasted against our dark wood floors & the white trim.  Even though it has an ADORABLE porthole window (one of my absolute favorite features in our home), my husband thought that this color was really just too dark and depressing.

Our Kitchen Cabinet Transformation


My husband and I bought a house this past July.  It was one of those situations where as soon as we pulled into the neighborhood we KNEW (well, at least I knew) that this was definitely the house for us.  The neighborhood was full of Victorian styled homes, and the house itself was full of character.  I fell so completely in love as soon as we walked through the front door.



That being said, the house needed A LOT of work.  The walls were full of dents and holes, and the paint job was pretty terrible (paint & stains on the ceilings, uneven paint lines, paint all over the trim, and multiple stickers & pieces of painter’s tape had been left on the walls in many rooms and the old owners had just painted over them).

The kitchen was a space in the house that we just didn’t like any part of it.  We didn’t like the color on the walls, the window treatments, the color of the granite counters, and we especially did not like how the cabinet color and the floor color was essentially the same.  It just wasn’t our style at all.

We soon decided that tackling this kitchen was going to be a top priority once we moved in.  We decided to have the wooden floors refinished, repaint the walls, and to paint the cabinets white (in hope that once we made all of those changes we would grow to love our counter tops).

We researched how to paint to paint cabinets online, and we also called a lot of different paint stores to hear opinions and advice.

A POP of Color!

Design Blog

So, the majority of our house is gray.  In fact, every room in the house is grey with the exception of a half bathroom, the breakfast nook, and our master bedroom closets.  That being said, I LOVE the gray. It’s modern and contemporary while still being classic.  I do also love having brightly colored walls (in my old home I had a bright blue bedroom & a bright green closet), but I agreed to compromise with my husband and use bright colors as accents instead.

Our foyer is a dark gray (Anonymous by Behr), and it definitely needed something to brighten it up.  Originally we had thought of including a colored rug in the entrance way, but then we found a dark gray rug from Home Depot for $20 and we just couldn’t pass up that awesome deal (come on, we’re newly weds!).  There also isn’t a lot of wall space in the area to hang colored artwork or frames, so I decided to buy a coat rack & paint it a bright yellow (we already have some other yellow accents throughout the house leftover from our wedding).

The coat rack I bought was from Amazon, and it received pretty decent reviews.  Plus, it was a great price! You can see it here.